Powerful Leaders – Empowered Teams

Helping Hand trans revA powerful leader empowers their team and the empowered team supports their leader (and each other). My goal as a coach and facilitator is to help you and your teams to achieve this balance and synergy.

Successful teams thrive on trust, teamwork, understanding, acceptance and honesty. I work with managers and leaders to help them find their way to create a dynamic where these traits can come to light.

Angry businessmanBefore

  • Uninspired teams need regular direction and supervision
  • Frustrated managers feel like there’s never enough time
  • Conflict occurs between colleagues and with managers as people point fingers, lay blame and offload responsibility
  • Motivation is low as people do only what is necessary to avoid attention and stay out of the spotlight
  •  Creativity and innovation rarely occur
  • Everybody takes care of themselves first

Happy womanAfter

  • Communication is open and honest, especially about problems and challenges
  • Collaboration is the norm as people help one another openly and regularly
  • Trust is high and unhealthy competition is low
  • The team is motivated from top to bottom by the recognition and rewards offered equally and evenly as deserved
  • Conflict is managed with discussion and understanding, often resulting in positive improvements to the team

Want these outcomes for you or your team?

Take the first step Footprint orange


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